Short Biography

After finishing her studies at the art acadamies in Berlin and Leipzig , ANTOINETTE alike her classmate Neo Rauch became a member of Bernhard Heisig´s master class. Besides perfectioning her painting skills she concentrated herself to open air wall paintings and learned the necessary techniques. During the turn of the millenium her Berlin show „Berliner Sittengemälde“ attracted special attention not only by 20.000 visitors. It was this project that established her international carreer and brought her works subsequently to New York and Washington. Many exhibits followed in Germany and abroad to the point of an one-artist-show at ArtKarlsruhe 2012. Press reports are to be found in the back numbers of ArtProfil and ArtInvestor. ArtInvestor included ANTOINETTE into its watch-list of most noteworthy contemporary artists (on recommendation of the well-known art historian Prof. Galloway). 2012 the German Psychoanalytic Association Foundation awarded ANTOINETTE its annual culture prize.


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